Tuesday 14 August 2012

Former Cosmopolitan Editor Helen Gurley Brown Dies at 90

See: "Helen Gurley Brown, Former Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan, Dead at 90."

You can't miss Cosmo at the supermarket check-out lines.

And I can remember, when I was younger, my sisters usually had some copies of Cosmo around the house. I think it's basically an institution, more so than perhaps any other women's magazine.

It's interesting, though, that a lot of conservative women who comment here revile Cosmo. I've posted a couple of Cosmo covers as Rule 5 entries and those seem to generate comments on how vile the feminist movement has become regarding the sexual liberation of women. And there was an essay out a few days ago from Emily Esfahani Smith, who just hammers the magazine, "Cosmo Magazine’s “Wholesome Values”." There's no key pullout quote (the piece itself is mostly quotes) but the bottom line is "wholesome values" for Cosmo is sex, and lots of it.

Clicking over at Cosmo's homepage bears it out, for example, "How to Find Your G-Spot," and "75 Crazy-Hot Sex Moves." According to Esfahani Smith, Helen Gurley Brown laid out a philosophy of sex for the magazine. The magazine ostensibly pushes sex within relationships, between a woman and her boyfriend and between man and wife, and plenty of it, carefree and wild. (And not between two men or two women, thank goodness!)....

Oh, and that's smokin' Ashley Greene at the picture above, on the August cover. The Daily Mail had pics of her the other day, with Ms. Greene showing plunging deep cleavage in a black maxi dress.

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