Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Israel's Point of No Dan Friedman

[I often chat with friends in Israel and many don’t believe their leaders have the intestinal fortitude to strike Iran’s nuclear infrastructure alone. But from my seat at a safe distance, I think my friends are wrong. If there is as a verbal fail-safe point, Israeli officials passed it weeks ago - and from here there’s no turning back. Barring unforeseen events (such as Obama jumping onboard), they have too much invested in the game to gainsay what they’ve already said. And what they’ve already said amounts to a commitment. Failing to follow through now would put Israel under Iran’s thumb, and perhaps worse, cause the Jewish state to lose its credibility as a nation.

Read the two items below and see if you agree. df]

WSJ, 8/6/12

Time Is Short For Iran Diplomacy

Iran is the world's leading terror sponsor without nuclear weapons. With them, it can commit incalculable atrocities.

JPost, 8/7/2012

PM: If Iran goes nuclear, it may actually use bomb

“This is a regime that has broken every rule,” Netanyahu says. “They very likely could use weapons of mass death.”

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