Monday, 20 August 2012

Late News...........

The Border Conspiracy: Exclusive Videos Show How One Texas County Fakes Crime Statistics to Make the Border Look Safe

CDR Salamander​: At Least Someone is Getting a New Frigate

Today's Moment of Collector Zen...

Surge in canceled deals offers preview of sequester'​s effects

Blue Angels air show's big returns: The Blues bring the green

The World from Berlin - 'The Real Problem Facing EU? It Is Not Trusted'

Italy's soldiers told to get rid of tattoos

Anger as Iran bans women from universities

North Korea could have fuel for 48 nuclear weapons by 2015

Russian police hunt two more members of Pussy Riot

'Egypt to employ aircraft, tanks against Sinai terrorists'

New Book Reveals Disqualify​ing Details About Drama, Disarray, Infighting In Obama Campaign

How the White House Delivered a Crushing Economic Blow to the Gulf

BLACKFIVE: Obama Led the Raid to Get Usama?

Army Increases Combat Effectiven​ess With More Reflective Belts, Extremely Safe Combat Patrols

South Carolina Guard Soldiers keep sharp during Kuwait deployment

Military satire site manages to fool some people

Newsweek's cover: Change?

Infantry Troops In Contact, Waiting For Presidenti​al Approval To Return Fire

Forbes wonders: Should Biden have a neurologic​al exam?

Army Struggles To Respond To Epidemic Of Suicides During Suicide Prevention Briefs

Augusta National admits first 2 female members

'Cooling off Israel' and Riling up Americans

Southern Poverty Law Center's Lucrative 'Hate Group' Label

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