Monday 13 August 2012

Managed fraud..................from Rico

You'd have to be a moron to not notice that the markets are being "managed" TrimTabs CEO Charles Bidermann said the other day "...all markets are now 'managed' everywhere."

Within this macro 'managing' of things financial [read: manipulation], financial fraud as a business model for the TBTF-TBTP* banks makes perfect sense in the micro context that Barry's misAdministration has made it official policy NOT to prosecute financial fraud, and the 'watch dogs' in DC clearly have gotten 'the word' and are now so corrupt they are as easily bribed as any cop in a third world banana republic.

The great Republic we inherited has been greatly diminished and is in the process of being transformed [read: changed] into a banana-version of a Chavez-style "Democratic People's Socialist Republik" by the betrayal of our career professional political class, the criminal behavior of Wall Street, and the complicity of a leftist-agenda-driven media complex.

Once again, like clockwork and more reliably tha railroad time ever was, here is this morning's precious metals smackdown.
- There are still a lot of 'naked short' positions to get covered before the wheels fall off the wagon!

*TBTF-Too Big To Fail, TBTP-Too Big To Prosecute

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