Friday, 24 August 2012


"A hero of our time," mikhail lermontov .... (translated by vladimir nabokov) ....

A Navy LT Puts His Seniors to Sleep

Judge Could Order Fort Hood Shooter to Be ‘Forcibly Shaved’ Before Trial — But Should He?

Shocker: Donations from media companies go largely to Obama

Israeli History Photo of the Week: Hebron massacre

Is BC Even Worse Than California​?

Countdowns in Tehran and Jerusalem

Iran's Khamenei Orders Terrorist Attacks Against the West and the Middle East

AQIM hostages in northern Mali

Get Your Campaign Out Of The Gutter

Tony Blair still costs the public £400,000 a year

Police drones could be used to monitor public from sky

American journalist missing in Syria

South Korean activists visit North Korea for aid talks

Pentagon plans new missile defences in Asia

Christian boy tortured and killed in Pakistan

Islamist Mind Games - How Young German Men Are Lured into Jihad

How many idiots does it take to fix a global economy? Too many

Desperation in Damascus, panic in Tehran

U.S. Could Send Elite Units to Seize Syrian Chemical Weapons Stockpiles

Obama’s deadly campaign propaganda recruiting the embittered

S Korean court bans Apple, Samsung sales

'Iran expands nuclear capacity underground'

An ar-15 platform bolt w/ a .473" bolt face .... an idea whose time has come, and which is now reality ....

Billy Payne, Augusta National And The End Of The All-Male Golf Club (Also Of Freedom Of Association)

Obama's Campaign about Nothing

BUSTED: Obama Spent Stimulus $ On Political Ads

Democrat Long Knives Come Out For Wasserman Schultz

A car reviewer goes medieval on Aston Martin

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