Tuesday 14 August 2012

On Wrong Side of History, Can Israel’s Left Learn From It?....................from Dan Friedman

[Moshe Arens is one of the most brilliant and clear-eyed Jewish leaders ever produced by Israel. Still, I always worry whenever an Israeli predicts the end of the Left, or its enlightenment. Their capacity to recreate themselves and recycle their defeatist ideology has so far proven inexhaustible. It may be, as Arens suggests, that Israel’s people have finally grown tired of the steady stream of bogus choices that the Left dishes up to them - e.g., demographic disaster or “two states for two people.” I hope he’s right, but we’ll just have to wait and see. df]

Can the Israeli left learn from history?

Nothing demonstrates better the divergence between the programs presented by the Israeli 'left' and the views of the mainstream Israeli public in the past 20 years than the steadily declining fortunes of the 'left.'

By Moshe Arens

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