Thursday 16 August 2012

Promises and pinky swears?.................from Rico

Taking a look at how QE has affected equities, you would think that the Fed's inflating the S&P was a good thing.
- Just marvel at the headline numbers, the nominal numbers.

It is not, if you look at how the Dollar has dropped.
- The nominal S&P does not reflect the decreasing actual value of the Dollar. Inflated share prices in deflated Dollars is a losing deal. [For Democrats and Socialists (I know I'm being redundant here) read: losing a little but making it up in volume is a bad plan and does NOT make you better off.]

The equities have not 'gone anywhere' for a decade, but the hucksters are still trying to convince the Muppets to put their money into a rigged casino.
- The dumb ones are.

Look at the 12-year performance of Precious Metals in contrast to the "lost decade" in equities, and bear in mind that paper fiat is a "promise and pinky swear" that it has value, but it is no longer a promise to 'pay' you back in anything but more paper.
- Wimpy said it best with "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today" with his fingers crossed behind his back, just like the Fed does.

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Anonymous said...

Nice charts but you forgot to mention operation twist...wasn't it responsible for that third rally?