Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Sunday Best..............

Olga and Evgeniya, Two Policewomen, Meet Pussy Riot

Historic convoy of military vehicles rolls through Alaska

Iraqis helping Iran skirt sanctions

Obama hoping to run out the clock till election without press conference

BLACKFIVE: Clear to anyone but a propagandi​st

Today's Moment of Collector Zen...

Arab Spring run amok: 'Brotherhood' starts crucifixions

Court rejects challenge to EPA E15 ethanol waiver

EagleSpeak​: Iran Fights Pirates -- Better than Anyone Else! Ever! ... Yeah, that's it

Is PolitiFact campaignin​g for Obama?

Obama campaign HQs "occupied" by Manning protesters

BLACKFIVE: CNN says US troops were asking for it

'Chastity' lenses help devout Jewish men avoid impure thoughts

Egypt’s Military and the Arab Spring

Coming to a beach near you: remote-controlled lifeguards?

The Next Bin Laden Raid: Will SEAL Team Six Strike Chapo Guzman in Mexico?

AQAP attacks intelligence headquarters in Aden

On Virginia Dare’s Birthday: Will Her Fate Be The Fate Of America?

The Media Is Very Susceptible to Doing What the Obama Campaign Wants

Frank Hardy Sr.'s pictures tell the story of Pensacola's history

The British Army's secret weapon in Afghanistan? It's the seven female officers in Helmand Province gaining the trust of the locals

Syria: Face to face with the spy who nearly killed me

Keep calm and carry on: MOD ignores UFO reports

Lord Rothschild takes £130m bet against the euro

Iain Duncan Smith in attack on BBC over jobless figures

Pussy Riot: Garry Kasparov faces jail threat over claim he bit policeman after arrest over demonstration

Sentence turns Pussy Riot into martyrs in fight for Russian democracy

More Government Agencies Stocking Up on Ammo, Tactical Gear

NATO kills scores of Taliban during execution

Why the South China Sea is not a “Sudetenland Moment”

Burgeoning Palestinian economy at risk as West Bank hit by cash crisis

Ecuador stirs up Latin America in Assange feud with UK

India claims text message threats came from Pakistan

Iraq is helping Iran skirt sanctions

and finally.......

Young filmmakers have occupied the Maggie's HQ this weekend

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