Friday 17 August 2012

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UN to close Syria observer mission

From Roger Who Writes:

'These aren't the only ones, I came across a UN contingent at EBB Uganda in June on their way to South Sudan.

The uniformed (uninformed?) were all clutching their expensive work backpacks in which no doubt resided their expensive notebooks/laptops.

In the final security queue before boarding (I was going to a different destination) I got into conversation with a bevy of mainly female UN civilians displaying ostentatiously their blue and white UN cards dangling from their necks. They really are an arrogant bunch, they consider themselves above nations, they are on the top of the world.

One tried to push in at the front of the security queue at the scanner, I blocked her way and told her to wait her turn like everyone else and while she was about it, to get a new boss to replace the ineffectual and oxygen-thieving Kofi Annan (CV includes Rwanda, Darfur and now Syria).

Here's a question: when did a UN Peace-Keeping Farce last open fire on good or bad guys to restore order? I can't recall it, however I do recall one contingent in the Congo who were feeding confiscated weapons back to the rebels, probably in return for some sexual favours with underage locals.'

Photo shows UN troops roughing it.

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Anonymous said...

dont forget kofi annan's son. The contract for the oil for iraq program ws handed to the compan where his son worked. 1 third of funds then disappeared.