Thursday, 30 August 2012

Who's to blame for the problem?.................from Rico

Who is to 'blame' for the deficit problem?
- The Donkey team blames the Elephant team. The Elephant team blames the Donkey team.
- Barry the Wonderboy Marxist blames Bush. Bush is mercifully silent on the matter.

Look at the two attached charts, then decide for yourself who to blame for the deficit problem.
- I strongly suggest you watch the video below to get an understanding of what the deficit problem IS. It's a painless and swift.

Let's fast forward to WHO is really to 'blame' for this mess.
- Look into the mirror and realize YOU keep electing the same gangsters every election.

Red? Blue? Demcommunists? Republicrats? There is NO substantive difference between a 'Blood' and a 'Crip' beyond their gang colors...they're gangbangers. There is no substantive difference between the Blue team or Red team beyond style-and-presentation...they are all part of the SAME team, all working to the same gangbang YOUR end.

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