Tuesday 14 August 2012

Why NOT?...................from Rico

Why NOT engage in open, blatant, obvious, market manipulation when you know perfectly well the regulators won't touch you?

Sure, it's criminal...but that is the 'new' reality we're all facing.
- The crooks are now running the prison, the ones that should be inmates are now the guards, and the honest investor has become a prisoner of the dystopian economic system that has resulted thanks to our banksters complete ownership of our politicians.

Ann Barnhardt isn't the only one to call "BS" on the open looting.
- Anyone who is paying attention to what is happening to formerly segregated-and-sancrosanct client funds is already moving towards the exits.

The next shoe to drop will be the confiscation not just of cash accounts, but the stealing of holdings you 'thought' you owned that are held in "street registration" by your brokers who say "trust me"....if one does not accomplish "direct registration" to record ownership of shares in a book-entry format, then you WILL be cleaned-out the next time these sociopaths say "oopsie" and don't even bother with a "sorry 'bout that" as they retire to the Caymans with YOUR former good cash shares.
- No worries though, you won't hear it from under that big, heavy, shoe anyway since you will be crushed and impoverished by a criminal system that rewards theft and punishes the honest.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy your commentary, despite the depressing implications.

Could you recommend "investments" in this current environment and perhaps some timely books and/or sources?

Thank you!