Sunday, 16 September 2012

Commoditie​s or Dollars?..................from Rico

Here is a 'snapshot' of the US Dollar's most recent decade. It is from the FED.
- No one can claim they are 'unaware' of this information. Note the sharp reaction upon QEIII being announced. Bad idea to hold Dollars.

No matter how 'high' the stock markets seem to climb, it is a reflection of the diminishing purchasing power of the Greenback. Bad idea to have your Dollars invested there.
- When Zimbabwe's currency collapsed, many trillionaires were created on their stock market when it skyrocketed as the Zim$ tanked. They are all 'el busto' now.

Precious metals and commodities 'not being money' as Benny of the Fed said, are a different matter.
- Fifteen of the twenty commodities tracked by Lloyds TSB have at least doubled since 2002.

Silver leads the list, UP 572% in ten years.

Gold is #2, UP 428% over the same decade.

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