Wednesday, 19 September 2012

NASA flies Texas flag upside down.................from Steve

Steve writes: Theo,
Today NASA flew the final flight of the space shuttle Endeavour into Houston on
the back of a company 747. After landing at Ellington Air Force Base
the pilot of the 747 popped a hatch from the cockpit and flew the
Texas flag, the flag was upside down as in the international signal of
"distress". Was this on purpose, what was the pilot trying to say? The
local television commentators from Houston, Texas were mum on the fact
as they pointed out that the pilot was flying the Texas flag. It was
all being portrayed as a proud moment for Texas as a chapter in space
flight history was coming to a close. I don't have answers, just
questions. Is there more to this story?


wareagle69 said...

Perhaps it was done because Houston did not get a real shuttle for display and got a simulator instead. Speculation here in Houston is that it was a deliberate snub by the Obama administration for the lack of support BHO has in Texas. This has been discussed at length on local talk radio since the decision was announced several months ago.

mostly cajun said...

yeah, there's more to the story. Texas tried unsuccessfully to get one of the shuttles for display at the Johnson space Center outside Houston. They got over-ruled and one went to New York.

My neighbors in Texas are are solidly blue state and they feel that they were passed up for this reason, as well as others.


ExAFCrewDog said...

The pilot was probably expressing his sadness about the current occupant of the WH destroying NASA.