Thursday, 13 September 2012


A short and simple lesson on the concept of simple bullshit .... whether purveyed by islam, or adopted by idiots like obama and clinton ....

Iran Has Obama in a Headlock

The Democratic National Convention Punks the Navy

Military drafts charter fleet: Captains lend a hand in manning the border for bomb testing

BAE Systems and EADS confirm merger talks

Asia Times Online :: Perfect storm over Libya

Don't Cry For Me, America

Cairo, Benghazi and Obama Foreign Policy

The Obama Bounce Fades

Yemeni protesters storm US embassy

Stem cells restore hearing to deaf gerbils

Falkland Islands census delivers blow to Argentina

China's Xi Jinping mentioned in report on death of general

YouTube refuses to remove anti-Islamic film clip

Violence erupts at Venezuelan opposition event

Israelis prepare for repercussions of possible strike against Iranian nuclear program

Al Zawahri personally ordered Al Qaeda to murder US Ambassador Stevens

Report claims murdered U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens was raped

U.S. warships moving toward Libya with tomahawk missiles

More Money, More Problems in South Korea

The Consequences of a Slowing Chinese Economy

Obama’s Plan to Solve Unemployment Changes Problem By Growing Government

UPDATE: Romney Defends Free Speech, Not Obama

The BAE Systems merger makes sense – so long as Britain safeguards its interests

Barroso's call for EU federation points to a British referendum and trouble for Cameron

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