Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Pakistani Bloggers

Egypt TV owner to face trial over Bible burning

Obama Now Attending 'Nearly 100 Percent' of Intel Briefings

Obama: 'It Will Not Be Enough To Put More Guards In Front of an Embassy'

Chicago surpasses 400 murders and 2000 people shot

Notre Dame Invites President Obama Again

The Persuasive Force of an Avalanche

Toyota Pulls Plug on Obama, Reid's Green Car Fantasy

ISAF data show insurgent attacks down, civilian casualties up

2 al Qaeda leaders reported killed in Mir Ali drone strike

UN Preview: Islamic States Will Push for US Free Speech Restrictio​n

The Soviet submariner who single-handedly averted WWIII at height of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Let’s break up BAE – or sell it to the US

Spend money on army not foreign aid, says former defence minister

Britain spends £2.4m training security forces of oppressive African countries

Julius Malema charged with money laundering

Google's Lobby Offensive Internet Giant Builds Web of Influence in Berlin

Ed Koch: Obama not ‘Best President’ for Israel

Obama to UN: It’s Not My Fault Stevens is Dead

Militia member who captured Muammar Gaddafi dies

War By Other Means: China’s Political Uses of Seapower

Pork plight looming: Worldwide bacon shortage ‘unavoidable’ after drought, pig farmers warn

Michelle Obama should butt out of the food chain

Explosions targeting Syrian army headquarters rock Damascus

China unveils aircraft carrier despite lack of planes

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