Saturday, 8 September 2012


Prince Harry Defects to the United States

Why has "bark, no bite" obama lost his voice?

BLACKFIVE: Mil-links

U.S. congresswo​man tells Stephen Colbert slavery practiced in Brooklyn in 1898

Who Was Better Dressed Last Night, Obama or Biden?

Airbnb: The story behind the $1.3bn room-letting website

LA. man gets final request, to be buried in Budweiser casket

a little reminder on who derailed "the obama express ... "

Kirkuk refuses central govt impo​sed orders

Eastwood: Mission accomplished

Obama misses deadline for report to Congress on planned defense cuts

The Obama Index: The Newest Index to Measure Our Despair

The 2008 Messiah Has Left the Building

7,000 feet beneath ocean floor, deep-sea drill sets record

France: Er, we are thoroughly committed to this 75% tax-on-the​-rich thing. Sort of.

Deroy Murdock: Bain money honest; Obama team isn't

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama - the upside-down election

Barack Obama hit by poor US jobs figures

Epidemic of kidnappings breaks out in Syria

Canada breaks off diplomatic relations with Iran

From Plutonium to Power - Russia To Produce Electricity with Former Nukes

Syrian Chemical Arsenal Being Dispersed Across Country, Officials Say

Pakistan Spreads Nukes Around Territory

Romney/Ryan or Bust!

Russia looks east in push to catch up with rampant China

Pentagon says former SEAL's book contains inaccuraci​es

Taliban Calls on Kurds and Turks to Join Afghan Jihad

Yangtze River Turns Red and Turns Up a Mystery

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