Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Sunday Best...............

Rather Than Deploy, Air Force Girl Asks Husband to Shoot Her

I am quoted and linked by a member of congress ....

German World War II Artillery Found in Caucasus

F-16 training session for Iraqis to end by New Year

Marines storm Pensacola for charity in 5k Run

A voter Freudian slip by the Democrats

Man arrested one year after allegedly stealing $300,000 in purses from Silver Sands

Mike Huckabee set as guest speaker for Lincoln Day dinner

‘Every American should be ashamed of their president’

Obama’s foreign policy of reconciliation lies in tatters

Taliban fighters wore US Army uniforms in attack on Prince Harry's base

Two British soldiers killed by Afghan policeman

Iran plans military exercises in preparation for Israeli strike on nuclear facilities

Just 100 cod left in North Sea

Middle East protests: meet the hardline 'tele-Islamist' who brought anti-Islam film to Muslim world's attention

Thousands take to the streets in protest at Argentine government

Post-Arab Spring "moderate” Muslim regimes cornered by radicals

Sudan Humiliates Obama Administration

Avoiding the Unthinkable in the E. China Sea

“Innocence of Muslims” video allowing Obama media to control the truth

Ryan Pick Forces Obama to Defend Wisconsin

Another short and simple lesson on the concept of bullshit .... on ignoring the duty of nations to protect and defend the diplomatic missions of foreign nations ....

and finally..........

Constitution Marsh

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