Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Sunday Best............

Libyan Militias to Disband

Skate or Die, Habibis

Something Needs To Change

Howard Dean: Yeah, Harry Reid has some credibilit​y issues now, huh?

'Made in America' Becoming More Attractive to Manufactur​ers

Libyan authoritie​s to dissolve militias, set up 'operation​s room'

Iraq aims to adopt new national flag, anthem

Palin to Romney-Ryan: 'Go Rogue'

College football notes .... university of oregon plays a different game ....

Mitt Romney’s message is good – it just needs restating

How MI6 helped track down cocaine baron El Loco

British still giving hundreds of millions of pounds in aid to wealthy countries

Iranian Revolutionary Guard predicts war will destroy Israel

Aggressive Salafist Islamists threaten Tunisia's dream of freedom

100 Days Until Largest Tax Hikes in History

Barack “Scandal” Obama

Obama: Don’t write him up, write him off

Chinese official makes low-key Afghan visit as Beijing jockeys for influence in region

Egypt’s Coptic community fears backlash from anti-Muslim film

Afghanistan bans Pakistani newspapers

'Iran discovered listening device near nuclear site'

and finally........

Monet's Garden in the Bronx

1 comment:

Scott said...

Wow! How many press releases have been put out by the MSM to cover for O'bumbles handling of security in Libya? Dozens it seems...They all say the same thing, militias are disbanding. Just cut the money off Obama and let them all kill each other. Our country has been defiled by these islamists and our Amabassadeur died a horrible death at the hands of these savages. Why must you continue to lie for them???