Saturday, 13 October 2012

Cleveland Bus Driver Lands Stiff Uppercut on Angry Female Passenger

Well, what media reports normally don't stress is that the dude decked an angry black b*tch.

She was an angry black b*tch who had hit him first, after harassing him with profanities.

The bus driver cold-cocked her with a brutal uppercut. See: "Cleveland Bus Driver Decks Black B*tch With Uppercut."

Watch the video at the link.

The dude then threw that b*tch off the damn bus. He was later suspended from his job, but you do what you gotta do against the black criminal thugs, male or female. Sheesh. We need to see more action like that, a bus driver standing up for himself.


commoncents said...

Powerful new Pro Life ad is out "Who is the abortion extremist"?

Anonymous said...

Actually she was not knocked out, even tho that was one hell of a hit. She came back onto the bus. Now, his mistake was arguing with the crazy moron rather thsan simply calling the police and having her ass hauled to jail. Now he is in deep shit for a long time to come. That braod has quite a mouth, and quite a jaw!