Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Access market games 11/26................from Rico

I had been 'expecting' some games from the bullion Cartel, and they did NOT disappoint. Again.
- Here are two "flash smashes" in the access market to consider, regular trading having stopped many hours earlier with Gold spot closing at $1751.10 and Silver spot at $34.22.

Of course, it is merely a 'coincidence' that both Gold and Silver options expiry on the COMEX is 11/27, with First Notice on Friday 11/30.
- It's not affectionately known as the CRIMEX for nothing, but it IS the reason I stopped playing 'options roulette' on this massively rigged table some time ago.

While the paper markets are being visibly 'managed' this is NOT the same thing as the physical supply being 'controlled'.....

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