Friday, 30 November 2012

Another.......................from Rico

Another "first day notice" for delivery day...another intentional market take-down engineered by the Cartel.

I suppose that except for those following the precious metals markets (which assuredly does NOT include the CFTC) few remember the February 29th Leap Day hammering the PM's took, which was also 'purely coincidentally, mind you' 'first day notice' for March delivery.

Two things come to mind:
- The Cartel seems increasingly frantic to prevent a weekly close above $1730 for Gold and $34 for Silver.
- This is much like the retreat of the German army from Russia. It's a losing game, and it is clearly 'managed.'

The Western Central Banks have already lost their Battle of Stalingrad (QE to infinity) and are now in fiat retrograde.
- We have a pretty good idea that the final days will be hand-to-hand on the street amongst the rubble of a failed financial system. Precious metals will be the last man standing.

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