Monday, 26 November 2012

Ashura, Islam's Yom Kippur..................from Dan Friedman

Let’s have no more hateful talk of “savages” or “savagery.” Who are we to judge? Every man and woman has a right to worship his Creator in any way they want. Jews fast, Christians have ashes applied their foreheads, and Muslims...well...they do their thing too.
Here are scenes from yesterdays festivities surrounding the Islamic holy day of Ashura – a Muslim holiday when the whole family gets in on the fun. Oh, BTW, Ashura’s quaint customs have made their contribution to our culture too. It’s the origin of the idiom “whipping oneself into a frenzy.”


RonF said...

I believe you'll find that Ashura is limited to the Shia sect of Islam. That's because it commemorates the defeat of the descendants of Mohammed's daughter and son-in-law and their supporters - who became the Shias - at the hands of the descendants of Mohammed's male collateral relatives (brothers/uncles) - who became the Sunnis, and who still hold supremacy in Islam in all countries except Iran and Iraq.

thebronze said...

That Muzzy bint's kinda hot!

انتظار said...

Tatbir is one of the wrong doings. I know some will say: “It would have been proper if he had not talked about Tatbir.” They will say: “What do you have to do with Tatbir? Some people practice it, let them do so!” No! One cannot remain silent towards such a wrong action.
It is wrong that some people hold daggers and hit themselves on the head to bleed. What are they seeking?! How can this be an act of mourning?! Of course hitting on the head with one’s hands is a sign of mourning. You have seen it several times that when people face suffering, they hit on their chests and heads. This is a typical symbol of mourning. But where have you ever seen a person who is suffering from the loss of a dear one, hit on their head with a dagger and make it bleed?! How can this be a form of mourning?
#Tatbir [#QameZani] is a fabricated tradition. It is among the issues that does not belong to the religion and undoubtedly God is not also pleased with such a practice.
The more I thought about it, the more truly I realized I cannot overlook informing our dear people about Tatbir- which is certainly an act of wrongdoing and a heresy. Do not practice it! I do not approve of it. If someone does something to pretend that they want to practice Tatbir, I will be truly dissatisfied with them. I am declaring this solemnly.
Ayatollah #Khamenei, June 07, 1994
قمه‌زدن از كارهاى خلاف است. مى‌دانم عدّه‌اى خواهند گفت: «حق اين بود كه فلانى اسم قمه را نمى‌آورد.» خواهند گفت: «شما به قمه‌زدن چه‌كار داشتيد؟ عدّه‌اى مى‌زنند؛ بگذاريد بزنند!» نه؛ نمى‌شود در مقابل اين كارِ غلط سكوت كرد.
كارِ غلطى است كه عدّه‌اى قمه به‌دست بگيرند و به سر خودشان بزنند و خون بريزند. اين كار را مى‌كنند كه چه بشود؟! كجاى اين حركت، عزادارى است؟! البته، دست بر سر زدن، به نوعى نشانه عزادارى است. شما بارها ديده‌ايد، كسانى كه مصيبتى برايشان پيش مى‌آيد، برسروسينه خود مى‌كوبند. اين نشانه عزادارىِ معمولى است. اما شما تا به حال كجا ديده‌ايد كه فردى به خاطر رويكرد مصيبتِ عزيزترين عزيزانش، با شمشير برمغز خود بكوبد و از سرِ خود خون جارى كند؟! كجاى اين كار، عزادارى است؟!
قمه‌زدن، سنّتى جعلى است. از امورى است كه مربوط به دين نيست و بلاشك، خدا هم از انجام آن راضى نيست.
من حقيقتاً هر چه فكر كردم، ديدم نمى‌توانم اين مطلب - قمه‌زدن - را كه قطعاً يك خلاف و يك بدعت است، به اطّلاع مردم عزيزمان نرسانم. اين كار را نكنند. بنده راضى نيستم. اگر كسى تظاهر به اين معنا كند كه بخواهد قمه بزند، من قلباً از اوناراضى‌ام. اين را من جدّاً عرض مى‌كنم.