Monday, 26 November 2012

Ashura, Islam's Yom Kippur..................from Dan Friedman

Let’s have no more hateful talk of “savages” or “savagery.” Who are we to judge? Every man and woman has a right to worship his Creator in any way they want. Jews fast, Christians have ashes applied their foreheads, and Muslims...well...they do their thing too.
Here are scenes from yesterdays festivities surrounding the Islamic holy day of Ashura – a Muslim holiday when the whole family gets in on the fun. Oh, BTW, Ashura’s quaint customs have made their contribution to our culture too. It’s the origin of the idiom “whipping oneself into a frenzy.”


RonF said...

I believe you'll find that Ashura is limited to the Shia sect of Islam. That's because it commemorates the defeat of the descendants of Mohammed's daughter and son-in-law and their supporters - who became the Shias - at the hands of the descendants of Mohammed's male collateral relatives (brothers/uncles) - who became the Sunnis, and who still hold supremacy in Islam in all countries except Iran and Iraq.

thebronze said...

That Muzzy bint's kinda hot!