Thursday, 22 November 2012

Curmudgeon​ly & Skeptical presents: This was on Facebook yesterday..............................from Rico

I do not "do" Facebook or any other 'social site' but my pal Iggy does.
- He just sent me this.

I'd suggest you go to the link below before it is 'erased' or something else 'conveniently but coincidentally' happens to it and read it for yourself. [Benghazi clearly explained, not weapon-of-mass-distraction MSM spin]

Most are aware of Gen Petraeus leaving abrubtly as DCI (Director of Central Intelligence), but few will remember that Clintonian 'tool' Leon Panetta having been earlier moved from his DCI position to SecDef (Secretary of Defense).
- Read this and decide if you think it was all because of paula or Jill....or if there was a larger unstated reason.

Few are aware that also in the wake of Benghazi R Adm Chas. Gaouette, BG Jeff Sinclair, Gen Carter Ham (AFRICOM) and CDR Joe Darlak also left very abrubtly.
- Of course Leon, Hillary, and that absolutely useless doorknob James Clapper (of DIA reknown....Dummies InAction, that's purposely only two words) are essentially unmentioned and remain quite untouched by the affair, but of course they are 'connected' in this rotten regime.

This is so far the most comprehensive theory and analysis of the cynical sociopathy that has gripped our nation by the throat...and it goes way beyond Chicago cement overshoes!
by Rico

Benghazi Theory

Editors Note: It is not the official Ann Romney page so it is clear that she has nothing to do with the content of the article.

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