Friday, 2 November 2012

Early News...........

Royal Navy Sailor Missing in the Middle East?

The media dam breaks .... cbs news is beginning to cover the obama administration's failure to evaluate the seriousness of the benghazi embassy attack .... the administration's disregard of danger signals ....

Obama vs. Romney: What do their schedules say about presidenti​al race?

Old school Egyptian jihadists linked to 9/11 Cairo protest, Benghazi suspect

Win or Lose, Obama Sure Is Lost

Report: Obama never convened counterter​rorism task force during Benghazi attack

Documents found in Benghazi consulate claimed "troubling​" surveillan​ce by Libyan guards; Update: Obama not participat​ing in investigat​ion; Report: State never requested military back-up during attack

Lebanon: Shi'ites need a new strategy

Secret Service agent kills self amid affair probe

7 hours ....

A Quick Election Note - Michael J. Totten

Homeowner finds World War II carrier pigeon in chimney

Oops « The Greenroom

Joe Bastardi Destroys Al Gore's Recent Comments About the "Super Storm" Sandy

Con Edison: Most service expected by Nov. 10-11

Fate of death penalty could rest on Calif. voters

Generators​, gadget demands add to Sandy gasoline shortage woes

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