Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Fifteen percent...................from Rico

Since Oct 2007 Food Stamp use has increased 74.4% while the population only increased 3.9%.
- Now 1-in-6.7 people are on Food Stamps in the US.

For Obamunists and other "progressive" morons, that's 15% of Americans.
- And climbing.

Of course, now that the fraudulent* election is quite over, this can be discussed...but ONLY in very hushed voices, and it certainly must not be broadcast by 'the Ministry of Truth' MSM.

*Poll results giving Barry more than 100% of the vote are proof-positive of election fraud (Saddam and others never achieved that), but the 'choom' gang is unable to figure this out. Pass the free stuff. Thinking hurts...

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