Friday, 16 November 2012

Gaza Dan Friedman


How long before Obama gets in touch with his Islamic side and turns “I have Israel’s back” into “now I’m in Israel’s face?”

How long before the Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi – now the president of Egypt – goes from ceasefire broker to active ally of Hamas in Gaza?

How long before Israel’s leadership notices Israel is winning and decides it’s time to stop “the operation” and settles for another temporary “quiet?”

How many more dead Jews will it take before American neocons like Podhoretz, Stephens and Krauthammer finally man up and publicly acknowledge they made a catastrophic mistake when they supported “disengagement” from Gaza?

What will it take before the average American feels the heat from the boiling Mideast cauldron right here at home?

And finally, as always, how can we ever thank you, Barack Hussein Obama?

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