Thursday, 8 November 2012

Jimmy's 3rd term begins..................from Rico

Heading into Jimmy Carter's third term with "forward?" [translation: Throw money at problems until it is clear this doesn't work.] Will this government cut spending? Nawww....not when they can take current and future wealth from its subjects. Taxes WILL go up. [read: bend forward.] - Income tax rates are going up. - Capital gains rates are going up. - Rates on dividends are going up. - Tax exclusions are going down. The regime has a new motto to replace 'e pluribus unum' and it is: - 'All 'yo money are belong to us!'

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Lola said...

That's a better bit of graffiti than the artist probably realised. At the root of our problems is that fact that money isn't free. It is entirely captured by that state. It's a monopoly and if Gresham's Law in full was allowed to apply 'good' private money would drive out 'bad' state money - as long as the state didn't try to fix the exchange rate that is.