Friday, 16 November 2012

Late News..............

Iraqi politician​s backed into a corner on a Status of Forces Agreement?

Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys.. - Benghazi

CDR Salamander​: Fullbore Friday

BLACKFIVE: Tango Mike Mike

Amb. Oren: Israel Prepared to Take “Any and All Measures”

Florida restaurant owner to add an ObamaCare "surcharge​"

Hold That Toast: France’s Champagne Harvest Is the Worst in 40 Years

Bombshell: Petraeus to tell Congress that he knew "almost immediatel​y" Benghazi was work of terrorists

CDR Salamander​: Another Union Victory

Farthest Known Galaxy in the Universe Discovered

America in the Age of Obama

'Top Chef' host Padma Lakshmi says she's 'like a truck driver' stuck in a model's body

Disney Gets Green Light to Acquire German Network Das Vierte

Has The Universe Stopped Producing New Stars?

Super Material Can Stop Speeding Bullet

Clarissa Dickson Wright causes outrage after condemning Muslim Leicester as a 'ghetto'

Communist Party Congress: leadership change a disappointment for liberals

Australia creates world's biggest marine park

French PM makes 'dreadful' gaffe while wooing Germany

CNN Uses Faked Palestinian 'Casualty' Video in Coverage As did the BBC

Palestinian rockets strike Jerusalem, Tel Aviv. Reserves call-up expanded

America’s Prudent Pivot

Obama Arrogant and Narcisstic As Usual

2012 Election Count Astroturfed

Petraeus: I Knew Terrorists Were Involved in Benghazi

Salazar to Reporter: “I’m Gonna Punch You Out”

Gazans scramble as punishing ground war looms

Column: Fiscal cliff means the rich need to step up Hold your nose as you read it

Republic Police: Man with child porn called us, fearing FBI

Taliban Accidental​ly Reveal Identities of Their Mailing List Members

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