Friday, 2 November 2012

Late News..............

Obama and the politics of contempt

State Dept. and CIA had secret, botched deal for Benghazi security

Why Obama Chose to Let Them Die in Benghazi

Cost of Calif. nuclear outage estimated at $317 million

Eco-Taxes? Study Financed by U.S. Treasury Will Link Tax Code to Carbon Emissions

More STDs Among Porn Stars Than Prostitute​s

Benghazi's Smoking Gun? Only President Can Give 'Cross-Bor​der Authority'

Benghazi: The Democratic Party Will Be Lucky if Obama Loses

Beggar Off-in-Chi​ef

$23M lottery winner forgot ticket in car

'Are you dumb enough to put bank details online?'

Uganda says it will pull out of Somalia in UN row

Afghanistan's Mujahideen 'building new military unit'

Nigeria military accused of executing 48 men

Obama Starting to Get Soaked by the Hurricane

Canada’s Organic Certification System is an Emperor with No Clothes

A "new" timeline by an unnamed "senior intelligence" official .... nbcnews ....

Teenager Gives Report Cards To Obama And Romney

Bloomberg Diverts Food, Generators from Devastated Staten Island to NYC Marathon

CHANGE! See the 28 Large Newspapers That Endorsed Obama Last Election and Are Now Endorsing Romney

Have You Heard About ‘Spigot Cities’ That May Pump Votes to Obama?

BLACKFIVE: Died with their boots on...

Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys.. - All That For A Flag?

Mehmentum: Clinton underwhelm​s in Ohio

Labor Secretary celebrates jobless rate increase by trick-or-t​reating?

Fox News: Benghazi consulate warned 3 hours before attack of militia gathering arms

Voter Fraud Threat to Clear Outcome

Staten Island pleads for help: “We are going to die!”

CIA, State going to war over Benghazi?

Claims increase of machines switching votes in Ohio, other battlegrounds

The Fundamental Re-Transformation of America up to the Voter

Can Democrat-l​eaning Voting Machines Win Election for Obama?

4 Afghan policemen killed in 'green-on-green' insider attack

Sandy election problems

Investors spurn better-tha​n-expected jobs report

Obama, back in Ohio, slams Romney for auto ad

House panel wants answers on costly White House dinners

Red vs. Blue: Divided by politics, united by food

Video: Loathsome nanny-stat​e mayor going to give you "something to cheer about" whether you like it or not; Update: Marathon finally canceled

New Obama vid: Get out there, Pennsylvan​ia

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