Monday, 26 November 2012

Late News...............

CDR Salamander​: Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part XLIV

MINISTRY OF PESHMERGA VIDEO: Moving Forces Into Disputed Areas Of Kirkuk

Joe Lueken, supermarke​t boss, transfers ownership of business to employees

Talabani sends a warning message to the commander of Iraqi ground forces.

Mannequin that's obese horrifies apparently svelte Reddit users

Climate change adaptation cash for poor countries fails to materialis​e

Pantsir-S Air Defense Division Repels Night 'Air Raid'

Students thrive as head bans mobile phones

Over to whom? With the Big E coming home for good, the NIMITZ acting a bit old and busted.............

Defense and Peshmerga agree to redeploy their troops in disputed areas.

BMP-3F Infantry Vehicle Shown at Indo Defence 2012

Toys for Tots: Marines load up on bikes, toys to brighten holidays

Santa goes on Skype

10 Minutes with an Entrepreneur: Jenny Belushi & Heather Whitney Rosenfield

Egypt court to examine Morsi decree as thousands mourn dead

US 'wants to keep 10,000 troops in Afghanistan long term'

Adventurer becomes first to travel to all 201 'countries' without flying

State offers ten bucks for young women's sex secrets

The Rotherham Scandal And The Ugly Face Of Progressivism

GOP pre-emptiv​e attack on Susan Rice misfires

Why the U.S. wanted to nuke the moon during the Cold War

Graham on Benghazi: Don't Believe Rice; Blame Obama 'Above All Others'

Egypt's Morsi says he stands by his decrees

James Carville Says 80% Of Democrats Are Politicall​y Clueless

UN advances effort to grab control of the internet

FEMA: Another Federal Disaster

Make those lazy job-creators pay

Nashua Rep Did Jail Time in Laconia

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Anonymous said...

2 minutes of research shows the Carville thing is a hoax.