Sunday, 4 November 2012

Late News............

Todd Kincannon is Right to Say 'Block Reuters'

Alaska National Guard Officially Discharges WWII Veteran

Considering an interesting post suggesting the involvement of russia in the instigation of the attack upon the american embassy in benghazi ....

Obama won't release regulatory agenda because of 'terrible' impact on jobs

A Tale of Two Crises by Mark Steyn

Veterans Park foundation scrambles to regain nonprofit status

Obama-Romn​ey: Too close to call

And If the GOP Doesn't Win, What Then?

Hyper-part​isan politics stymies Americans

Win or lose, Biden may be back in the race in 2016

Hurricane Sandy Editor's Letter

Sandy's Damage Under The Sea, Through The Eyes Of Oyster Farmers

America Gone Wild: Nature Wars

Local Family, Army Sergeant And Working Dog Reunited

Romney urges Iowans to the polls

Hearing set for US general charged with sex crimes

Judge orders 1 Fla. county to extend early voting

Axelrod: Obama Supports Military Because He Met Those Coffins When They Came Home

Long-gun registry finally shot down

'What would happen if Israel attacked Iran?'

China's destiny in doubt after leadership shock

Silvio Berlusconi's party picks Argentinian showgirl as Italian Senate candidate

Winston Churchill bust unveiled in Jerusalem

British soldier stabbed to death in Cyprus

Bashar Assad wants war not peace reveals Syria's former prime minister Riyad Hijab

Will the Failed & Angry Presidential Hoax Called ‘Barack Obama’ Finally Go Away?

How The Polls Understate Romney’s Support

'PM, Barak ordered IDF on alert for Iran strike in 2010'

RFK Jr.’s Political arm twi$t

Jihadists suspected in deaths of 3 Egyptian policemen

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