Thursday, 22 November 2012

Memories of Thanksgiving's Past

By Alan Caruba

This Thanksgiving Day I will dine alone. I will think about what I have to give thanks for—my health, the fact that I have seen 75 Thanksgiving Days come and go, a life with few regrets—but my day will be a sad one, not for myself, but for my nation.
I have always been an optimistic person, but that optimism has been drained by four years of Obama’s regime and the prospect of four more. It is compounded by a Congress that has steadily marched toward turning America into a European socialist economy now on the brink of financial collapse and, worse, by a nation that has abandoned many of the values and shared beliefs that made it great; a beacon of freedom for those who chose to come here, a superpower following World War II, a compassionate and largely tolerant nation.

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Anonymous said...

Yup, this nation is pretty well screwed in the ass with out the Vaseline.
Four more years. Then 8 years of biden. then 2 million years of the Dark Ages.
Oh yea, Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.