Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Monkey business.......................from Rico

This was a bit of "monkey business" I think, especially in view of the 'now you see it, now you don't' erasure of the event from the charts hours later.

Flash crash or flash smash is the question.
- I can hear the Cartel saying it was just a "glitch"...but if it was WHY cover-up the tracks afterward?

Note the time.
- This happened in the very thinly-traded electronic market. An HFT algo ran the stops to trigger 'sell' algo's, triggering someone else's 'buy' algo's.
- Someone somewhere just 'lost' a lot of money, and someone somewhere just 'made' a lot of money. In plain sight, in the dead of night.

Coincidence or Plan B (try, try again)?
- The Bernank spoke that day, and the manipulators raided the PM's to no great success simultaneus with his speech.
- Many adults will NOT even bother to come to work today trading the markets having already started their holiday break yesterday, and those that do will put in a short trading day and be gone by or before noon.

Ann Barnhardt was correct to say "get out of the markets" and that anyone who didn't was on drugs or stupid.
- This is just one more example of the game being 'rigged' by the house, and any retail Muppets still playing in the casino are being steadily fleeced by the crooks.

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