Friday, 16 November 2012


Murree Brewery, Pakistan’s Only Brewery

BLACKFIVE: Don't Talk To Me About Respect...​

Pakistan to restore NATO's Afghan oil supply line after 12-month hiatus

Afghan Taliban commander gunned down in Quetta

Benghazigate: Obama Now Blaming Petraeus for Rice’s Video Lie

Obama’s Post-Family America

When Does 'Old Age' Start? When You Stop Shopping

DOD: 75,000 troops needed to secure Syria's chemical weapons

BLACKFIVE: F John Kerry for Sec Def

New Iraq army headquarte​r fuels Arab-Kurd row

GOP senator outlines $68 billion in defense cuts

F-22 down near Tyndall

Israeli army starts drafting 16,000 reservists

Army's 172nd sorting, clearing gear as inactivati​on begins

F-22 Fighter Crashes at Tyndall Air Force Base

An epidemic of egomania strikes America's civilian and military leadership.

Alabama Fella Pretty Much Started Petition ‘Cause Fascist Gubmint Shut Down His Nudie Carwash

One secret reason Petraeus had to resign

Denny's to charge 5% 'Obamacare surcharge' and cut employee hours to deal with cost of legislation

Is this war number eight for Israel?

Rice Prevented Bin Laden Capture in 1990s, Dems Label Her 'American Treasure'

Washington fiddles as global dangers mount

Palestinian rocket barrage escalates for Egyptian PM’s Gaza visit. Israeli ground forces build up

Funding our own demise – While believing we’re the smart ones? Ouch

The Interview: Boeing Talks “Silent Eagle”

Is Obama hiding the truth about Benghazi because the truth would impeach him?

The Way Off the Fiscal Cliff Starts to Become Clearer

Pallywood, and the stench of an ancient score being settled

Excerpt: Jake Tapper's 'The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor'

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