Friday, 2 November 2012


CDR Salamander​: Smart SSBN Rethink

Quotes of the day « Hot Air

Iowa Slipping Away from Team Obama?

Video: Hungry New Yorkers dumpster-d​iving for food as power to lower Manhattan remains off

No Question, There's A Cover-Up

Worth A Thousand Words: I'll Be Here Waiting For You

Video: Obama’s Associations – Election 2012

Coast Guard rescue of HMS Bounty Oct 29, 2012

Hobby Lobby asks federal judge to block portion of Obamacare; says it violates religious freedom

This weekend's air show a new kind of homecoming for two Blue Angels

One month until they regulate the Internet

Dmitry Medvedev says Pussy Riot should not be in prison

Bloomberg backing Obama is no shock

Afghanistan 'will be unable to run military bases post Nato withdrawal'

Iranians burn US flags to mark embassy seizure

Israel invests millions in drive for elite 'cyber warriors'

Klondike in Lapland - Mining Companies Swarm to Finland's Far North

'No Red Tape'? New Jersey Turns Away Non-union Relief Crews

Obama Campaign Staffer Arrested For Sexual Assault

New Jersey to deploy military trucks to serve as polling places

Obama’s Dismal Record: One last Look before the Election

Nevada’s Largest Daily Newspaper: Obama “Narcissistic Amateur”

Arms Sales, Politics and “Frankenforces”

Vietnam’s Undersea Anti-Access Fleet

The massive flood barrier ‘that could have saved’ New York from Hurricane Sandy

Abandoning America’s honor

What If It’s A Romney Landslide?

Unemployment Rises to 7.9 Percent

Beating the odds? Why Mitt Romney may just pull out an improbable win

Anger surfaces as scope of Sandy’s devastation widens, death toll rises

Ohio Voting Count 'Nightmare​' Looms

Questions Swirl Around the State of Vladimir Putin's Health

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