Thursday, 22 November 2012


I Am Guilty of Stolen Valor

The first toe to test the water .... susan rice, "i relied on intel ...," as basis for remarks ....

There are no such men as "ex-navy seals" ....

Just 32 months later, Obama administra​tion tells us what ObamaCare plans must have in them

“Thanks for that on-the-spot report, Les.”

Holman Jenkins: Twinkies: A Defense

Turkey-sha​ped hats, sleeping guests and lots of pilgrims: Awkward Family Photos does Thanksgivi​ng

Pope: There Were No Animals at Birth of Jesus

Gaza Withdrawal’s Lesson? Preserve Israel’s Right to Self-Determination

Boehner: Hold up, the ObamaCare fight isn't over yet

Kesha Made Bra out of Fans' Teeth

Did the US hack Sarkozy?

Navy emails lift lid on bin Laden's secret burial

Slogan hailing North Korean leader carved into hillside

Congo dispatch: Goma cowers under rule of its new masters

Syria: rebels fight to unify and tighten noose on Assad

'We Are the State' Grassroots Movement Gains Momentum in Russia

There Is No Ceasefire

Obama Legitimizes Morsi’s Protection Racket

Study: By 2050, 60% of American Production Will Go to Government

Thanksgiving Army-style at remote base in Afghanistan

Iron Dome was the only real Israeli winner of the Gaza operation

GOP legally barred from fighting vote fraud

Jonathan Kay: Israel’s new position of strength

A most uneasy truce

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