Tuesday, 27 November 2012


The Vietnam Healing Foundation

Alleged SEAL poseur again accused of lying about service

Iran Cleric Pummeled by ‘Badly Covered’ Woman After Warning

Obama Throws Israel to the Wolves

Mexican beauty queen killed in shootout

35 Amazing Graphs That Show How Your Spending Habits Change With Age

The 'Wide Open and Unregulate​d' Marketing of Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery

“Stupid is, As Stupid Does”- Can the GOP Really Be This Stupid?


Obama's memo on "insider threats"

This is your brain on exercise

A letter to the new Governor of the Bank of England

North Korean assassin's Bond-style weapons

Bondi beach closed for 'tomato juice' water

Germany to toughen laws on bestiality

North Korea missile test 'could be carried next month'

US consumers 'to spend $200 billion less if taxes go up on middle-class'

Morsi's Grab for Power - Egyptian Revolutionaries Take on Radical Islam

How About Putting the Muslim World and China in Charge of the Internet?

More Democrats Willing to Go Over 'Fiscal Cliff'

Islamists Kidnap, Threaten to Murder Homosexuals in Libya

Chicago Suburb Latest to Ban Nativity Scene

US-led NATO intervention begins in Syria war. Patriots in Turkey

China’s New Passport Sparks Controversy

When is a Truce not a Truce?

Carney: Egypt Having “Internal Deliberations”

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