Thursday, 29 November 2012


Tom Cruise as a Marine in All You Need Is Kill?

Egyptian president now rambling about "Planet of the Apes" in foreign-po​licy interviews

Lots of people afraid of "gun control" in the u.s. imposed by u.n. "treaties" .... embrace the fight, and thank god you don't have to die in your bed w/ i.v.'s stuck everywhere ....

ABC's Dancing With The Stars Cracks Birther Joke During Season Finale Show

A book that could have booted Obama from office was all but ignored. It shouldn't be any longer

Higher taxes do not equal more revenue, example #85902479

Gov. Brewer has decided against setting up an O-Care exchange for Arizona

Sundial Alarm Clock Goes off with a Bang

ISAF airstrike kills Taliban commander behind instability in central Afghanistan

UK to Australia in four hours with Brit engine

Zurich to open drive-in sex boxes

West could arm Syrian rebels within months after Britain wins diplomatic battle

Briton led US-backed private army to hunt Taliban

Hungary's Far-Right Rhetoric Reaches New Dimension

8 Out of 10 Most Dangerous Countries in the World are Muslim

British Police Arrest Teen Who Threw Ham at Mosque, Osama Bin Laden’s Right Hand Man Still Free in London

Syrian rebels shoot down government warplane

Give Obama what he wants

Rice’s Chances for State May be Sinking

PLO warns Canada of reprisals for ‘no’ vote at UN

China pledges to board ships in disputed seas

Texan nabbed in plan to smuggle jets to Iran

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