Friday, 30 November 2012


The Curse of the Chorizo Burrito

obama's "gun running" scheme out of libya carried surface to air missiles to port of iskenderun in turkey, about 60 miles from aleppo, syria ... syrian rebels start shooting syrian air force from skies in aleppo area .... with missiles .... hmmm

Out Of Touch Conservatives Protest Legalized Prostitution

NASA probe reveals organics, ice on Mercury

Palestinia​n 'state' wins U.N. recognitio​n

Obama’s Libya Policy Is a Disaster–and Not Just in Benghazi

Palestinian UN Bid Not About Peace

Time To Boycott The RNC

Krauthammer On Fiscal Cliff Negotiations: "Republicans Ought To Simply Walk Away"

GOP calls White House cliff offer a non-starte​r

Without Iran’s support, Assad regime will collapse: report

Chicago Violence Scoreboard

Eurozone unemployment rate hits new high in October

Send these horrid Hobbits back to the Shire

Internet down across Syria for second day

Russia forced to deny Vladimir Putin's health is preventing him from working

Weapons stolen from Australian navy patrol boat

Obama Considering Directly Arming Syrian Al Qaeda


Only a fool would think that the same Congress that got us in this mess can get us out of this mess.

See No Evil - Media avert eyes from Democratic campaign finance hypocrisy

Cyberwar on the High Seas

Obama’s Murky Relationship With BP

It’s not a ‘fiscal cliff,’ it’s a financial avalanche, stupid!

Top Ten Remarks Obama Made to Romney at Lunch

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