Monday, 5 November 2012


Navy Cuts Red Tape in New York City

From inside the belly of the beast... why your vote matters.

Online bidding site helps rid military of surplus

Panic in Persia as Hyperinfla​tion Hits Iran

"I Feel Like A Victim Of Hurricane Katrina"

Forget the war on women: The men’s vote could decide who wins in 2012

Nevada Senate race hinges on presidenti​al vote, Latinos

A u.s. army general (ret.) says obama not fit to command the military, because of his terror to make a decision .... and, that's why he left ambassador stevens and the others behind at benghazi ....

Judge Jeanine Pirro: Help Denied – People Died in Benghazi

Bloomberg kept National Guard out of NYC because they had guns?

Why Mitt Romney Is the Only Choice for Libertarians

A post-Elect​ion stock rally is in the cards

And the #BlockReuters List Continues

Looters & the NYPD

Obama EPA second term agenda revealed

UK economy 'will power ahead of EU while some single currency nations head towards catastrophic civil unrest', expert warns

David Cameron defends 'legitimate' arms deals during Gulf states tour

Listen up, Mitt – because I’ve got the key to the White House

Britain's biggest care home owners 'have £5 billion debts'

US election: could Barack Obama fall victim to the Redskins Rule?

Mahmoud Abbas denies that he has given up on Palestinian right of return

German Intelligence Report Aid to Cyprus Could Benefit Russian Oligarchs

30,000+ Rally for Romney in Pennsylvania

Tea Party in the Streets

Israeli warplanes fly over Golan as Hizballah fighters pour into Syria

USS Enterprise, world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, ends 50-year career at sea

'Assad's army bombards Damascus after rebel attacks'

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