Thursday, 15 November 2012

Not 'making it' on Social Security...................from Rico

I just had a conversation with a neighbor who was 'moving' because his bank-owned house had just been sold via "short sale" and it made me look at what the reality is for many Americans near/over 60 who 'think' they'll be able to live on their Social Security checks in retirement.
- If they do not have ANY savings, this is wishful thinking.

Having just run across this infographic which says the average Social Security payment is $1,130 (or $6.40 an hour in equivalent wages) I was already thinking about the almost 50 million Americans in poverty and the +47 million on Food Stamps.
- He commented that his monthly Socialist Insecurity was about $500/month, and his employer had him cut to three working days a week (thank you Obamacare very much).

What are people going to do when the Social Security checks start 'bouncing' and the EBT (Food Stamp) cards stop being re-filled and are rejected?
- Maybe this is WHY not only the Department of Homeland Security but every Federal Governmental agency you can think of (including the weather service) is stockpiling enough hollow-point ammunition to 'plug' every citizen more than five times?

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