Monday, 5 November 2012

Orwellian unemployme​nt numbers.................from Rico

In the very finest tradition of Orwellian 'speak' we compare the 'offishul' but completely fake Unemployment numbers just presented by the Government and the Government employees/bureaRats at BLS [presented as HEADLINE 7.9%] against the real Unemployment numbers calculated the way they used to be by ShadowStats[presented as NO HEADLINES 23%].

So, for "progressives" only: if you fake the numbers 23% can become 7.9%; for the almost one-of-four unemployed: you're being lied to. Do you all feel better now?
- For Jack Welch: You are 100% right. Again.

Let's not get started right now on the 'inflation' the Government and the Fed is telling us we do not have (as long as we don't buy gas, food, or health care). We'll do that one later...

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