Thursday, 15 November 2012

Overnight News.............

Royal Navy Traitor to Face Death Penalty?

French CEOs: So, we're kinda' drowning over here

What're Ya In For, Kid. « SOYLENT GREEN

Pelosi to keep leadership post at 10 am presser?

Nancy Pelosi Laughs (Video)

A cut cable leaves Russian controller​s cut off from satellites

Alexa's list shows five porn sites among Egypt's 100 most visited

Medal of Honor winner, honored for Korean War heroics, is buried

Texas secession: How the Lone Star state could mess with the rest of us

Catholic bishops pledge defiance on HHS mandate

Diversity in action: Straight white men are a minority among House Democrats

Oops: Broward County in Florida Finds 1K Ballots - Box was misplaced in a warehouse

Luxury automakers wine and dine prospectiv​e buyers

Video: Meet ‘Communist Denier’, Grover Furr Who Teaches Students at Montclair State

Oh, happy day: Chicago hopes to crack down on high-calor​ie vending machines

Obama on GOP opposition to Susan Rice: You want to come after someone over Benghazi, come after me

Sotheby's Sets Record Thanks to $75M Rothko - $375M total for contempora​ry-art auction is biggest in house's history

We spend grubby bills and keep the crisp ones

Meet the starless planet that floats alone

McCain to reporter: 'That's one of the dumbest questions I've ever heard.'

Hostess may close down for good if workers do not return by Thursday

Graham: I'm "dead set" against promoting anyone involved in Benghazi debacle

Reid: Social Security really isn't part of the problem, you know

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