Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Paper games continue.................from Rico

Those 'watching' the precious metals markets (this excludes the CFTC) are well aware of yesterday's options expiry for Gold and Silver on the COMEX, and the Friday "first day notice" just ahead...and some violent 'games' by the Cartel in the paper markets were duly expected.

This morning Blythe apparently unleashed her heavily-caffeinated flying monkeys to 'game' the markets.
- Completely incredible paper volume in view of existing physical supply. In seconds. Good morning!

Oh, did I say 'physical?'
- Yesterday's Manfra 'force majeure' excuse (one of COMEX's five bullion stores) for non-delivery of physical bullion should (in a regulated, unmanipulated market) have sent the spot price of Gold several hundred dollars higher, but it looks like the Banksters have discovered Bennie's secret CTRL+P trick of creating binary electronic digits out of thin mining with a pick and shovel, eh?

These are no longer markets as price-discovery vehicles, but more resemble playing naked-twister with sociopaths and crooks.
- The MF Global and LIeBOR frauds were just a small 'taste' of what's coming when it is discovered that the paper masters of the universe have hypothecated and rehypothecated physical bullion (both private and sovereign) many times over. [For CFTC regulators read: it's long gone and many are not going to get it back, ever.]

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