Thursday, 29 November 2012

Tax ON, cuts OFF.....................from Rico

Forget everything you hear from the media (the propaganda arm of the DNC) or from ANY career politician (regardless of the (R) or (D) initial behind their name, they should all have (L) there anyway) because they are all bald-faced lying about 'fiscal cliffs' and anything else dealing with reality or fact.

How does one know they lie?
- Easy, their lips are moving.

Here is the 'fiscal cliff' clearly explained:
- Tax ON, cuts OFF

Surprised at how easy that was?
- If so, you are either as dumb as a box of rocks, or a Barry supporter (but I am being redundant, and starting to digress).

Here is the long version of the situation for everyone else:
- The tax-spenders are going to raise taxes on the tax-payers for the benefit of the tax-eaters.

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