Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Sunday Best...........

Boozy Port Visits for USS Vandegrift

Some Things To Consider Before You Vote

A Future Without Potatoes: Will Climate Change Force Us To Change What We Eat?

Here's the ship that carried al queda weapons from libya for distribution to al queda and the muslim brotherhood in syria .... this is what president obama lied to cover ....

Former Hillary aide backs Romney

Syria rebel sniper takes inspiratio​n from Jude Law film

AFF: Minnesota a toss-up

Video: Navy Seals Expose Obama – Claim Vast Majority of Seals Won’t Be Voting For Him

What were the military assets available to the obama administration the night of the attack on benghazi .... where was it located ....

Presidenti​al election: Foreigners understand that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will face the same bad options if elected

Petraeus May Be Set Up To Take the Fall for Benghazi

Of course there's no voter fraud to worry about

Media Withheld Benghazi Informatio​n at CIA's Request

Opinion: Winter is coming

Amazon profits: They don't exist, but the company keeps on keeping on

Navy removes ship's command after boozy port visit

Bernard von NotHaus, Awaiting Sentencing for Competing with the Federal Reserve with a Hard Money "Liberty Dollar"

62 Percent of Public Workers Support California​’s Prop 30, 51 Percent Private Sector Workers Oppose

Victoria's Secret Helps Out The National Guard

Military grew along with Bay County

Tortured to death by Putin's jackboot state: Inside the rat-infested Gestapo-like Russian prison where eight guards beat lawyer who exposed Moscow's gangster regime

Mitt Romney can still win – and he deserves to

Jacob Zuma backs traditional courts instead of "white man's way"

British have invaded nine out of ten countries - so look out Luxembourg

Every penny we save at home is being sent to Brussels

Voter Fraud Charges Begin in Ohio

OH Union Members Caught with Truckload of Stolen Romney Signs

US Air Force struggles with aging fleet

Iran suspends uranium enrichment. Gesture to boost Obama’s reelection

Israel Clarifies Red Line on Iran Nuclear Program

Biden Offers Up a Nice Little Zinger

Romney hits Obama on 'revenge' vow

Simulation: The first 48 hours after an Iran strike

and finally..........

Living off the grids

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