Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Sunday Best...........

How to Make Your Groin Nervous

Why David Petraeus’s Gmail account is a national security issue

Guest Post by RADML James Foggo: A Poppy on your Lapel

Iraq Denies Cancellati​on of $4.2 Bln Arms Deal with Russia

Chicago creating great jobs for tobacco pirates

GOP confronts 'angry white guy' problem by rethinking immigratio​n amnesty

Ear Bitten Off as Priests Fight for Parking Space - Father Thomas Byrne, 80, charged with grievous bodily harm

Video: Say, why would the FBI be investigat​ing a CIA director, anyway?

EagleSpeak​: Happy 237th Marines!

Government pressures Russia's Gazprom to quit Kurdistan

EPIC Data Tampering At NCDC

2012: What Now?

More public lands to be closed to shale oil drilling

Russian military expert questions reports on annulment of $4.2 billion arms deal with Iraq

VIDEO: First Ever City Job Fair Leaves Many Frustrated With Hiring Process « CBS Chicago

Donkey-sex suspect in protective custody, wants animal back

Can cassettes make a comeback?

A publishing mystery: Amazon 'buy' button disappears

America has become an Old World country

'Betrayal' of jailed SAS war hero

British and American power boats vie to be fastest around the world

Chinese official accuses Washington of 'Cold War' mentality


Senate/House Intelligence Kept in Dark on Petraeus Investigation

Israeli lawmaker: Gazan Palestinians now firing Hizballah-supplied Katyushas

Hillary Turns Down Request To Testify On Benghazi

Cover-up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

and finally..........

Two more interesting reactions to the election

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