Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Sunday Best...........

50 Cent Disrespects the Marine Corps

Soros Buying Gold as Record Prices Seen on Stimulus

How Do Porcupines Mate? Very Carefully.

Bionic Mannequins Spy on Shoppers to Boost Luxury Sales

U.N. optimistic the U.S. will finally hop on that climate-ch​ange bandwagon

SAS hero Nightingale's disbelief at being jailed

Axe looms over BAE shipyards

New law to tackle stalking introduced

Boris: we are losing India to the Americans

US aircraft carrier strikeforce readies in case of war with Iran

Witchcraft and execution: the darker side of the Gambia

New England strip club flattened by gas blast that looked like 'missile strike'

Protesters try to occupy Tahrir Square

France Raises Taxes on the Rich, the Rich Flee France

Black Leaders to Obama: You Owe Us

Obamacare Meets Reality. Reality Wins.

Middle East in high suspense for Gaza operation sequels

‘We either complete our revolution or we abandon it’: Morsi power-grab puts Egypt on verge of new revolt

Will the politically based removal of children by bureaucrats find its way to America?

Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi: Concertmaster or megalomaniac?

'Satellites show Iran moving quickly to rearm Hamas'

Hamas leaders emerge stronger than ever, Palestinia​ns say

and finally.........

The Classic Thanksgiving left-over turkey sandwich, plus turkey stock

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