Sunday, 18 November 2012

Twinkies, Ding Dong's, and Ho Ho's..................from Rico

Forget Atlas, Hostess has shrugged.

Once the largest wholesale baker in America, the 82-year old company is shutting down.
- Best known for 'Twinkies' and Wonderbread, it seems Barry's union Ding Dongs have managed to run them out of business.

Warren Buffet? Timmy Geithner? Benyamin Bernanke?
- Ignore them. They are all Ho Ho's.

When a company peddling sugar-infused treats to the most obese population on planet earth goes bust, you just gotta know things have completely broken-down and surely must get worse from here.
- Somehow what went 'wrong' with the 'Twinkie' seems a good (micro-to-macro) metaphor for Detroit, Kalifohnia, and Barry and the Democrats (C).

As the 'Twinkie' goes, so goes America.

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John said...

No, the Twinkie will "rise again"..
The recipe, name and bakery equipment are all corporate assets and will be sold. Another company will be manufacturing these sugar bombs, just not Hostess.
And that company will NOT employ union labor.

incidentally, if this goes through at will be the first post I've been able to get pass your spam filter in weeks. For one reason, the damn visual image is to blurry to read...I am wearing my glasses damnit!