Monday, 19 November 2012

Wash, rinse, repeat.......................from Rico

Apparently unnoticed by the CFTC regulators, and unremarked by the teleprompter readers of FTV, EVERY DAY last week Gold and Silver were raided upon the COMEX open.

Today, as soon as the CRIMEX opened Gold went vertical and hit $1730, rising fast until the Cartel capped it at the level they set all last week. Silver, however blew through the $33-level where it has been capped.

- Should be an interesting short week in the spot metals market.

'Managing' the market price is not exactly the same as 'controlling' it, however.

- For now, the parody of wash-rinse-repeat continues in these heavily manipulated markets where 'perception is reality' (until it isn't).

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